My Photo books

Mi Chiamo Pano, or the last billboard in Athens

Type: self-published photo zine, hand crafted.
Pages: 14
Number of photos: 32
Extras: Poster 26x42
Copies: 150

This project is about the numerous illigal billboards installed around the city of Athens in the past years. Many fatal accidents were directly linked to these billboards since they are considered as distraction for the driver's attention.
In the recent years there have been actions to enforce the law and many of them have been removed by the authorities. However, not all the billboards have been yet removed. Frozen in the time when the removal campaign initiated, they are hosting a specific outdated advertisement for a music show featuring a greek singer Panos Kiamos premired back on November 2014.

Today (c. May 2017), these haunting frames are deeply deteriorated and in many cases act as canvas for grafiti and logos, or hosting other posters of smaller sizes.

The majority of the photographs presented in this publication were taken between November 2016 and January 2017.



Type: self-published photo book, hand crafted.
Pages: 98
Number of Photos: 54
Copies: 150

Parodos is a Greek word with many different meanings. It can be translated as "Byway / a small road that leads to a bigger and more central one" or alternatevily "A period of time that passes / a lapse of time".

Parodos is a project about my family and the place i currently live.
For the implementation of this project i used pictures from my family album that were shot many decades ago in an architectonically, historically and culturally unique area of Piraeus(Greece) called Nikaia, a suburb built to accommodate refugees from Asia Minor after the Greco-Turkish war (1919-1922). I combined these pictures with new photographs taken in the area that my family lived for many years.

Sarantis Raftopoulos street food.jpg

Street Food

Type: self-published photo book, hand crafted.
Pages: 108
Number of Photos: 63
Copies: 20
Hard Cover

Actually, it is not only about the food...
It is about the moments of disconnection, or the moments of deep concentration.
It is about the instincts, the gathering and the hunting.
It is about those instances of pleasure,the immersion to the flavors,the surfacing of emotions.
It is about producing and consuming.