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Illuminated Flora

Illuminated Flora is a still life photography project lasted one year. The photoshoot sessions performed between Autumn 2015 and Autumn 2016 and involved internal and external illuminations of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The photographs of this project are grouped into three subsets/series: Omni-Luminous, Hetero-Luminous and Quasi-Luminous.

Magnifico Acquatico

Magnifico Acquatico is a project about humans reacting in aquatic environment. This series is divided into a number of chapters including: Ties, Balance, Affection, Water Womb, Afloat and Isolation.

Parodos (Byway)

Parodos is a project about my family and the place i currently live.
For the implementation of this project i used pictures from my family album that were shot many decades ago in an architectonically, historically and culturally unique area of Piraeus(Greece) called Nikaia. I combined these pictures with new photographs taken in the area that my family lived for many years.


Montparnasse (Mount Parnassos) is a mountain in central Greece, famous for its ski center. This ongoing project is about the mountain, the people using the center for recreations and sports, the facilities and ...

my father...

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Kepler 90i

On December 14, 2017, NASA and Google announced the discovery of the exoplanet Kepler-90i orbiting around Kepler-90 star of the Draco constellation. This discovery is unique because it was the 8th planet to be discovered in the system, making it similar to our solar system.
This on-going project is actually an imaginary exoplanetary report based on scientific facts and pseudo-scientific evidences, revealing the nature of the exoplanet.

Various assumptions and hypotheses on the exoplanetary eco-system are examined and possible (and/or impossible) alien flora, fauna and mineralia are presented. For complete project presentation, please check the link below:

Kepler 90i.pdf



Cookbook is a still life photography and a recipe book project.
It consists of a collection of the dishes that my family is cooking in everyday basis or in a special occasions and festivities. These recipes were recorded, archived and adopted during four generations in various continents and countries.

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Amalgam, according to one of its definitions is "a combination of parts that create a complete whole".

This photographic project is an effort to decompose this "complete whole" image of Athens city Center. To this extent, it is an effort to identify and reveal its interleaved elements, historical footprints, cultural interactions and conversations.

The project initiated as a commissioned work for Norwegian ARR Journal of history of ideas, for the double issue for Athens (no 1-2 2019). The majority of the presented photographs are not included in the published journal.

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